Video of actor Iftikhar Iffi exposing Bahria Town fraud removed from all social media platforms

bahria town

Undoubtedly, Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) has become one of the biggest real estate scams in the history of Pakistan.

Besides all the other illegal activities, such as land grabbing, Bahria Town Karachi has canceled hundreds of properties. The customers had already paid millions to the business tycoon, Malik Riaz.

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Many customers have been visiting the Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) head office and in response to their turmoil they are facing the mistreatment of the BTK staff.

Recently, a video of an actor, Iftikhar Iffi, went viral on social media. He shared how he spent all his savings just to buy a property in BTK for his children. However, the video has now been removed from all social media platforms. 

Iftikhar added that his property had been canceled, and he ran from pillar to post for the last few years to get the refund of PKR 1.7 million (17 lacks) approximately.

He added, “Only I know how I paid these installments, just so an asset is made for my children. The property was canceled. They promised a 100% refund, years have passed, and I got nothing.”

The actor concluded by saying, “Malik Riaz, I don’t need any money from you now. On the day of judgment Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) will take this money from you on my behalf.”

In 2018, Bahria Town Karachi canceled hundreds of properties, and that sent shockwaves to Bahria Town Karachi investors.

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