Saudi Arabia may not allow overseas pilgrims to perform Hajj

Saudi Arabia may not allow overseas pilgrims to perform annual Hajj for the second year due to the coronavirus situation, Reuters reported.

The kingdom will only allow domestic pilgrims, who have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus in six months before the pilgrimage, to perform Hajj this year, the report quoted sources as saying.

The Saudi government has not yet made any official announcement regarding the annual pilgrimage.

Millions of people from across the world gather for the annual pilgrimage.

In 2020, Saudi Arabia scaled back the annual Hajj pilgrimage over fears that coronavirus could spread to Islam’s holiest cities and back to pilgrims’ home countries.

The pilgrimage went ahead in late July, on the smallest scale in modern history.

Only up to 10,000 Muslim residents of the country were allowed to take part — a far cry from the 2.5 million who participated the previous year.

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