Pakistani players among the worst paid athletes in world cricket

Pakistani players salaries

The Former Indian opener, Aakash Chopra, revealed the salaries and match fees of Pakistani players on his YouTube channel.

Despite a significant rise in central contract paygrade, Pakistani cricketers are still way behind the players of other international teams. 

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Akash Chopra was shocked to see Pakistani cricketers were some of the worst paid athletes in world cricket.

Pakistani centrally contracted cricketers earn less than the players of all international teams except Bangladesh.

Salaries of Pakistani players (Figures in PKR):

Central Contracts 

Grade A PKR 98,00,000/ annum

Grade B PKR 60,00,000/ annum

Grade C PKR 40,00,000/ annum

Match Fee

Tests PKR 770,000/ match

ODIs PKR 470,000/ match

T20Is PKR 340,000/ match

In comparison, Indians, Australians, and players from England earn far more than Pakistani players. 

Central Contracts of various teams (All Figures in INR)

Team Max Sum per player
England 9.8 crore
India 7 crore
Australia 4.2 crore
South Africa 1.8 crore
New Zealand 1.3 crore
Sri Lanka 58 lakh
Pakistan 46 lakh
Bangladesh 41 lakh


Watch the video here:

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