Need some motivation today? You can find best educational and inspirational videos on this Pakistani YouTube channel [WATCH]

Shabnam Riaz

The Award-winning News Anchor, Author, and Editor, Shabnam Riaz, has started her YouTube channel by the name ‘Talk about with Shabnam Riaz’. The Channel is dedicated to conveying significant ideas to those who are willing to improving various skills .

She has also started a Learning English Series to help people in improving their English skills.  Each video is designed to encourage, motivate, or teach you something that can change your life.

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Check out these videos about Being Grateful, Public Speaking to Commonly Mispronounced Words. The videos can help you develop the skills you need for effective self-growth. 

All these videos are consistently under 15 minutes, making them easy to squeeze into a busy schedule.

Shabnam Riaz is a television News Anchor for the National Television network,’ PTV news’ since 2002. In July 2006, she was given the National Award for best English Newsreader.

She has authored two books of poetry named, “The Whispering Wind” and “Twinkling Tunes”, along with a textbook, “General Knowledge for class One,” which has been included in the national curriculum.

Shabnam has also been co-hosting an Educational Program for PTV World. The program is aimed at a broad audience, dealing with enhancing English language skills. Idioms, mispronounced words, quotes, and conversational skills are taught in a fun-based way.

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