Fazl announces new round of anti-government rallies in Swat, Karachi

Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the head of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) announced on Sunday third round of rallies against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government in Karachi and Swat.

The PDM, an alliance of the opposition parties, will hold its first rally in Swat on July 4 and the second one in Karachi on July 29, Fazl told reporters in Peshawar.

The PDM head said that the opposition parties will not negotiate with the government. But he added that they are ready to talk to those who brought PM Khan’s government to power.

There will be some conditions before the talks, he said, adding that they will have to assure them that they won’t repeat what they did in the past.

The army should be kept away from the election, demanded Fazl, saying that police are enough to maintain the law and order during the elections.

Fazl said that PM Khan was planning to give the US bases in Pakistan but he claimed he warned him that the country will become Afghanistan if he allows US bases in the country.

He claimed PM Khan refused to give the US bases in Pakistan under pressure from the opposition and people.

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