Changan Master Motors’ Entire Line-up Gets a Massive Price Increase

Changan Price Just a couple of days after it was reported that the car manufacturers in Pakistan are planning to jack up their prices, Changan Master Motors has increased the price of its all models.

In a notification issued to the dealers, the company has blamed the soaring freight charges for the recent increase in car prices.

“In order to continue serving our customers, we are left with no other option but to pass some of the cost increase on product price,” Changan Master Motors said in a statement.

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The new prices will come into effect from today. It should be noted that these are ex-showroom prices.

Models Old Price New Price Price increase
Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere Rs2,589,000 Rs2,709,000 Rs1,20,000 
Alsvin 1.5L DCT Rs2,399,000 Rs2,519,000 Rs120,000 
Alsvin 1.3L Manual (MT) Rs2,149,000 Rs2,269,000 Rs120,000
Karvaan Standard Rs1,399,000. Rs1,519,000  Rs120,000
Changan Karvaan Plus Rs1,539,000 Rs1,659,000 Rs120,000
Changan M9 Rs1.234,000 Rs1,354,000 Rs120,000.

Talking to a media outlet, Syed Shabbiruddin, the director for Sales and Marketing at Changan Pakistan, had hinted at increasing the car prices a couple of days ago.

“Around 70% to 80% of a typical passenger car is made up of some grade of imported steel. A car price is, therefore, highly sensitive to the price of steel and the exchange rate.”

He added that with an increase in steel prices, car prices will also increase. It is expected that the rest of the car companies will follow the suit “because of rising steel prices and the increased cost of shipping.”

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