Bloomberg Report: Pakistan Will Take A Decade To Vaccinate 75% Population

Bloomberg Report: Pakistan Will Take A Decade To Vaccinate 75% Population
Prime Minister Imran Khan receiving a shot of the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine.

Pakistan will take nearly a decade to vaccinate 75% of its population.

This was revealed in a Bloomberg article regarding the global disparity between the number of vaccines administered to people in rich and developing countries.

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Based on Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker, the article showed that countries like the US, Britain, and Israel were likely to reach the 75% target within three months.

Meanwhile, others like Pakistan were expected to immunize the same level of their population in about a decade.

France and Germany were likely to acquire herd immunity via vaccination in about a year, Argentina in nearly two and a half years, and India in a little over three years.

The article raised concern over the issue due to the “general indifference to medical problems once they stop bothering rich states.”

The UK has, until now, administered at least one dose of vaccine to about 60% of its adult population.

Similarly, US President Joe Biden’s new administration also intends to vaccinate about 200 million people by the end of this month.

Chinese pharma Sinopharm's Covid vaccine becomes 2nd to be approved for emergency use in Pakistan - DAWN.COM

Nevertheless, most underdeveloped states have even found it challenging to get coronavirus vaccines via an UN-sponsored program for low-income countries.

Pakistan received Sinopharm vaccines from China in February and began its immunization drive by starting from its frontline health workers and elderly population.

The number of infections in the country has shot up significantly in recent weeks, forcing the authorities to reimpose virus-related restrictions.

Moreover, Pakistan has also witnessed significant vaccine hesitancy that has heightened the risk of further spreading the virus.

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