Women faked his husband death to get Tik Tok followers

In Liaquatpur city of Punjab, a woman gave false news of her husband’s death on Tik Tok to get followers.

According to the details, a woman in Liaquatpur town of Rahim Yar Khan district of Punjab spread false news of the death of her husband Adil Rajput for the sake of her followers.

The woman, who was seen crying in the video, said that her husband had died in a car accident. The video of the woman crying went viral and the residents of the area were tied up outside their house, after which the sister-in-law confirmed that the woman, Adil Rajput, was alive.

Adil Rajput’s false news went viral on social media and became Adil Rajput’s top trend where social media users started expressing condolences over the rumor of his death.

In the video, the woman said, “Adil is no more. Adnan’s call came. She said that Adil has had an accident. He is no more. Why did this happen to me?”

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