US President Trump’s Son also contracted Corona virus

Washington: The eldest son of US President Trump also fell victim to Corona.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, a spokesman for Donald Jr., 42, confirmed that he had contracted the  disease.

A statement from Trump’s spokesman said, “Junior Trump has no symptoms of corona and is following full medical advice regarding Covid-19.”

The spokesman said Trump Jr. was diagnosed with corona earlier this week and has been in quarantine since the test results came out.

According to British media, Jr. Trump is the second son of the US President who was affected by Corona. Earlier, his 14-year-old son was also diagnosed with Corona last month but he recovered quickly.

The eldest son of the US President, Jr. Trump, took full part in Trump’s election campaign in the presidential election.

According to media reports, Jr. Trump’s girlfriend and Fox News host also fell victim to Corona in July and recovered.


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