United States has Canceled the visas of 1,000 Chinese students and researchers

The United States has Canceled   the visas of 1,000 Chinese students and researchers.

According to foreign media, the US government has canceled the visas of Chinese students and researchers under President Trump’s May 29 presidential decree, calling them a security risk.

The US president’s order said Chinese students and researchers considered a threat to US security would be barred from entering the United States.

A spokesman for the US National Security Agency said in a statement that Washington was canceling visas for certain Chinese graduate students and researchers on strategic ties with the Chinese military to prevent the theft and seizure of sensitive information.

The spokesman also blamed the US move on China’s unfair business dealings, industrial espionage and attempts to steal Corona virus research.

The spokesman also accused China of exploiting American academies by corrupting student visas.

The spokesman said visa action against Chinese researchers and students had been taken under President Trump’s presidential decree and was part of a response to controversial security laws imposed by China in Hong Kong.

According to the British media, 370,000 Chinese students were enrolled in American universities in the United States in 2018-19.

US State Department officials described the students and researchers as high-risk, saying they were a small part of the total number of Chinese students in the United States.

The spokesman added: “We welcome deserving Chinese students and researchers who do not support the Chinese Communist Party’s goal of military domination.”

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