U.K General Elections 2019

British voters are at the polls in a pivotal snap election that could unblock deadlock over Brexit.

The Conservatives are hoping for a big majority so they can get their EU divorce deal through parliament.

However, results of the last three elections have resulted in a hung parliament or in a modest majority for the Conservatives. David Cameron governed in collaboration with the Liberal Democrats from May 2010 to May 2015. He resigned after he lost the EU referendum

But if Boris Johnson’s party get fewer than 326 votes, it opens the door for a totally different power structure.

However, while the economy had been the third-biggest issue the last time around, it has since been overshadowed by the issue of crime and shares fourth place with environmental concerns.

The third election in less than five years has been described as the most important in decades. The outcome could see Boris Johnson given free rein to push through his form of Brexit. Follow the latest developments here

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