Sindh Govt decides not to include Tiger Force in ration distribution campaign

The Sindh government has taken a big u-turn, saying the Tiger Force is political, cannot join the relief campaign. The Sindh government has taken a big u-turn on the voluntary inclusion of Tiger Force in Sindh in connection with the distribution of rations.

Chief Secretary Sindh had written a letter to the commissioners and deputy commissioners instructing them to explain how the Tiger Force should be included in the distribution of rations. Now Sindh’s minister, Imtiaz Shiekh, has expressed his separation from the letter.

The Sindh government has decided not to include the Prime Minister’s Tiger Force in a relief campaign, expressing his detachment from the letter of the Chief Secretary, Sindh, while expressing clarification regarding the Sindh relief operation, saying that the operation is completely non-political.

Minister for Energy Sindh Imtiaz Shiekh said that distribution of the ration is being done transparently to the needy. Workers of any political party, including the PPP, are not part of the relief operation while the Tiger Force is comprised of political workers.

He said that committees, NGOs and lady health workers at UC level are part of this operation. Relief work in Sindh is being done without color and race, without political affiliation, to any political party force or worker. Tiger force can’t join relief work.

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