Security guard killed during alleged tik-tok video

In Gulshan-e-Maymar area of ​​Karachi, a security company guard allegedly shot himself while making a tik-tok.

According to the News, a security guard stationed at a private flour mill was shot dead. A mobile video of the incident has also surfaced.

Security guard Ghulam Shabbir was shot by his own rifle. In the video, Ghulam Shabbir can be seen holding a rifle to his chest and firing.

After the incident, the police seized the rifle and started further investigation. A security guard who made the video of the deceased’s accomplice was also detained during the preliminary investigation.

According to the detainee guard, the weapon fired was not working. Today, while making videos, the weapon suddenly started working.

Police handed over the body to  the relatives after due process. The deceased guard was from Sangar and will be buried in his native village.


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