Russian politician claims Vladimir Putin has cancer

A Russian politician has claimed that President Vladimir Putin is suffering from cancer.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Valery Solvi, a political leader critical of the Russian president, has revealed that Putin underwent surgery for stomach cancer in February this year.

According to the report, the 68-year-old president is preparing his daughter for the rule and he will resign from the presidency at the end of next year.

Earlier, Slovi had diagnosed Putin with Parkinson’s disease.

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin has been the ruler of Russia for more than 20 years and in July this year, the people of Russia elected Vladimir Putin as the constitutional president for 2036.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has an interesting personality and specializes in politics as well as the arts of horseback riding, swimming, and martial arts.

Whether it’s the playground or the art of martial arts, horseback riding or swimming, playing the beautiful tunes from the piano or awakening the magic of sound, Russian President Vladimir Putin is found experimenting in every field.

His only hobbies are vacationing in the snow-capped valleys and fishing, as well as swimming in the icy waters of Siberia.


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