Record breaking deaths in Brazil due to coronavirus

The Latin American country ranks fourth in the world in terms of corona cases after a record number of deaths per day due to the coronavirus in Brazil.

A record 1,179 deaths were recorded in Brazil yesterday, bringing the death toll in the country to 17,971, while the number of patients in the country rose to 271,885 after new cases came to light.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro who opposes lockdowns to prevent the coronavirus is facing strong criticism from human rights groups. Venezuela has closed its borders with Brazil and Colombia as the number of cases in the country has risen.

China has accused the United States of undermining its credibility by making baseless allegations against Beijing, as well as threatening its performance by threatening the World Health Organization.

The number of corona patients worldwide has reached 49.90 million, of which 324,970 people have died while more than 1.96 million people have recovered.

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