Rafale jets are not enough to face Pakistani JF 17

After the defeat on February 27, India brought Rafale jets from France to please its people, but it could not compete with Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder and would have to suffer.

According to Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif and defense analyst, the Rafale is a fourth-generation aircraft and is of 230 types which were shot down by Pakistan.

He said that the purchase of the Rafale Jets is not a game-changer, it does not have any feature or capability that proves to be superior, it is not a game-changer at all, it is something that India already has. Nothing but to please.

According to Air Marshal (Retd) Shahid Latif, JF-17 Thunder is called Four and Half Generation, which means that even in the fourth generation, it is at the top level. This aircraft is sent to every major air show in the world where it is rated. We send it to the world’s largest air shows so that it can be tested and the world can know its features.

He said that India has brought Rafale Jets, they are European made while Pakistan’s JF-17 has made it by us and whenever we want to build planes according to our need. Rafale is not the fifth-generation. They will say that it is enough for us to compete. If India brings this aircraft to compete with Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder, then its condition will be the same as that of 230.

He said that India would have to remember February 27 before daring to undergo the False Flag operation. India has been able to carry out a surgical strike to date and will not be able to do so. If India thinks of a misadventure, it will be disappointed. Yes, the Pakistan Air Force is fully prepared and the JF-17 Thunder has been instrumental in the preparations. We have no gap anywhere in terms of defense.

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