PTA lifts restrictions on PUBG and BIGO app

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority announces lifting of the ban on PubG game and BIGO Live App. According to details, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) officials met PubG’s legal representatives and discussed various issues related to the ban on the game.

After lengthy consultations at the meeting, the PTA announced the lifting of the ban on the online game “Players in a Non-Battle Ground” (PubG).

A statement issued by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority on July 24, 2020, stated that the ban on online games’ Players in Non-Battle Ground (PubG) would remain in place, as directed by the Lahore High Court. A detailed hearing at the PTA on July 9 decided to close the game.

A day later, the Islamabad High Court ordered the lifting of the ban on online gaming, after which the PTA restored PubG’s service. Later, on July 27, the PTA again banned PubG Game service across the country. The ETA’s director-general of the web department said the pub service would remain closed until an investigation into the suicide was reported.

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