Prior permission required for warships and nuclear ships to enter Pakistani territory

The federal government has approved the Maritime Zones Act 2020, which deals with the country’s security and integrity at sea.

According to the document, under the Maritime Zones Act 2020, prior permission has been required for entry of foreign warships and nuclear ships into Pakistani territory and from now on entry of foreign submarines and other water vehicles will be with prior permission of the federal government. ۔

According to the new act, action will also be taken against the collection of information and use of weapons related to Pakistan’s defense within Pakistani borders, besides banning currency, loading, unloading, research and survey of individuals.

Violation will result in legal action and violation of the Maritime Zones Act 2020 will result in imprisonment for 5 years and heavy fines.

According to the document, the federal government will determine the maritime boundaries and the water around the coast will be declared as inland water of Pakistan.


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