PM Imran Khan slams opposition jalsa

PM Imran Khan warns Government and said that now everyone is trying to be Imran Khan but the corrupt people would not get anything.

Addressing the Tiger Force function, Prime Minister Imran Khan slammed the opposition and said that now different kind of Imran Khan is coming their (opposition) way , thieves and robbers will not get any production order now , Imran Khan said that its his promise that no corrupt person will get any production order and there will be strict rules .

PM Imran Khan slams opposition jalsa
Welcoming his Tiger Force, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “I will talk about the circus that took place last night.”

He said opposition is full of artists, then why have you been focusing only on Diesel ( Maulana Fazl ul Rehman) .

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister stopped his speech due to the chanting of Tiger Force slogans.

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the Tiger Force to remain silent on chanting slogans against the opposition.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister showed pictures of Nawaz Sharif on the screen and claimed that Nawaz Sharif acted ill to go to London.

Criticizing Maryam and Bilawal, the Prime Minister said, “I had predicted that when the thieves will be caught, they would all come together. The other day, two children made speeches and I do not want to talk about them. He said ” One of those child has become a grandmother but she is still a child for me.

On wheat shortage and inflation, the Prime Minister said that the country had low wheat production for two years due to rains at the wrong time. It rained when it was time to harvest wheat.

He said that when we came to know of wheat shortage people have already been started storing wheat which caused inflation and also we had to import it.

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