PM Imran Khan reacts on granting Indians Kashmiri domiciles’.

PM Imran Khan has said that India must stop following the path on which the rights of Kashmiris are being denied. India is trying to change the demographics of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to details, PM Imran Khan said in his statement on social networking site Twitter that I had informed the UN Secretary General and heads of various countries that India must stop Kashmiris from taking an unacceptable path. The rights of Kashmiris are being taken away from them.

Earlier India tried to illegally annex Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, now India is trying to change the demographics of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, giving domicile of Occupied Kashmir to Indian citizens is a violation of international law. It is also a violation of UN Security Council resolutions ۔

It may be recalled that a few days ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan had demanded from the international community to hold India accountable for human rights violations in occupied Kashmir, where unarmed Kashmiris are facing pellet guns, sexual violence, electric shocks and violence.

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