PM Imran Khan owns Rs 80 Million Assets ECP

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan owns assets worth over Rs 80 million, but has no business or personal vehicle at home or abroad, while he also owns four goats worth Rs 200,000.

According to the details, the Election Commission of Pakistan released the details of the statements of the members of the National Assembly for the financial year 20-2019 after the Senate members.

The ECP says that PM Imran Khan also has more than 19.9 million rupees in cash and 4 goats worth Rs. 200,000 while he has taken an advance of more than 70 million rupees in Ferozewala for 80 Kanals.

Shahbaz Sharif showed the value of non-agricultural land in the country as 14.7 million while hundreds of Kanals of land as a gift. He showed more than 137.8 million assets in the UK and Rs. 63.9 million in a bank account.

Shahbaz Sharif declared the value of all assets as Rs. 247.4 million and also declared a loan of Rs. 100 million on the property. He has 14 bank accounts in Lahore.

The Leader of the Opposition declared the value of hundreds of acres of agricultural land as Rs. 26 lakh, bank loan, and house building loan as Rs. 136 million.

Asif Ali Zardari declared assets of Rs. 666.8 million and Rs. 22.6 million in terms of loans. He has assets worth crores in Nawabshah. Asif Zardari has declared most of the lands of Ratto Dero as hereditary. He has arms worth Rs 16.7 million while Asif Zardari has a business worth Rs 79 lakh in Pakistan. The value of horses and pets has been declared as Rs 99 lakh.

Bilawal Bhutto has assets worth over Rs 1.58 billion. Among his assets, a house in G-Six Four Islamabad has been shown as a gift. The value of agricultural land in Ratodero has been shown as Rs 10,776. Zardari Group Private Limited showed shares worth Rs. 210,000 while Bilawal Bhutto also showed savings certificates worth Rs. 1251,000.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also has 8 bank accounts and shares in various companies in Dubai. He has shown assets of Rs 67.6 million regarding Victory Enterprises Limited in the UK and assets worth crores of rupees in Dubai regarding 18 companies.

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