PM Imran Khan Approves the legislation to castrate rapists

Prime Minister Imran Khan has suggested to chemically castrate the rapists.

In an interview given to a private TV channel, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people will only ask us how much protection they have given us. They will not ask how many IGs have been changed up til now?

Replying to a question, PM Imran Khan said that there was a need to bring Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) to Lahore because the police in Lahore had joined hands with lower level land mafias.

He further said that had those mafias even killed a man a few days ago and the police were aware of the murder.

It may be recalled that after the recent incident of gang rape of a woman on the motorway, there is a great deal of grief and anger in the entire nation. However, two views have emerged regarding the punishment to be out given to the accused. One is to hang the rapist and other is chemically castrate the rapists.

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