People are going back before speeches of PDM leaders

PPP supporters tortured the journalist for showing coverage of those returning from the PDM meeting. According to details, the PDM meeting in Karachi was disrupted and a private TV journalist was also tortured. The journalist had covered the departure of the participants before the end of the meeting.

According to sources, no action was taken by the police against these persons. Despite making complaints, the police remained silent spectators.

According to news correspondent, since evening, the workers have been inquiring about the journalists of certain channels and the journalists have been treated with ridicule.

Earlier, when a journalist asked supporters of a party how they managed to get into the women’s enclosure, the workers tried to block the coverage and insulted the journalist.

It may be recalled that the opposition PDM is holding an anti-government rally in Karachi. Bilawal Bhutto, Maryam Nawaz, and Fazlur Rehman will address the rally.

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