Pakistan writes letter to UK regarding Nawaz Sharif

The government of Pakistan requested the UK to deport the convicted Nawaz Sharif and said that we should be helped in taking action against the perpetrators of corruption.

According to details, the government of Pakistan has intensified its efforts to bring back former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Interior Adviser Shehzad Akbar wrote a letter to the British Home Secretary requesting deportation of the looter Nawaz Sharif.

According to foreign media, Pakistan has said in the letter that Nawaz Sharif looted the country and helped us in cracking down on the corrupt. The letter said the British Home Secretary should use his powers to repatriate Nawaz Sharif and deport him.

On the other hand, Daniel Bruce, the head of Transparency International in the UK, also supported Pakistan’s position, saying that those accused of corruption should not be granted immunity in the UK, they should be repatriated.

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