Pakistan and Bangladesh entered in new phase of relationship

Pakistan and Bangladesh entered a new phase of a relationship. The Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka has become fully operational after a three-year break.

After Imran Khan’s contact with Hasina Wajid, the ice melted, after 15 years, the purchase of agricultural commodities from Pakistan began, after great progress in improving relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh, Bangladesh started purchasing agricultural commodities from Pakistan after 15 years. ۔

Sources said that the activation of the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka is an important step in restoring relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Relations are improving after recent contacts between Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina Wajid.

According to sources, a friendly country of Pakistan has an important role to play in easing diplomatic tensions between Islamabad and Dhaka.

It is to be noted that in the recent past, diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh had become more strained due to which the Pakistan High Commission in the capital of Bangladesh was not fully functional.

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