Open Air Cinema to be built in Pakistan

CDA has planned an open-air, drive-in cinema in the capital city of Pakistan. The reason to build the cinema is to provide the residents with a healthy entertainment during the pandemic.

The post pandemic situation has halted all the recreational activities in the country , according to CDA opening of an open air cinema is the need of the hour.

The proposal was disclosed on Wednesday by officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) who know of the project.

The Chairman CDA will head the project himself. The search for the place is going on in this regard where the parking of around 1000 cars will be available so that people can enjoy the movie while sitting in cars.

It will be built per international standards and have parking for up to 1,000 cars.

For sure , the cinema will add more beauty to the beautiful Capital city of Pakistan.

Open Air Cinema to be built in Pakistan

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