One of the accused in the motorway case confessed the crime

LAHORE: Accused Shafqat, who was arrested in a motorway rape case, has confessed of raping a woman.

According to the News, the CTD department of Punjab Police had conducted an operation in Depalpur on the identification of the accused Waqar ul Hassan, from where a man named Shafqat was arrested.

Police sources said that the accused Shafqat, who was taken into custody from Depalpur, confessed to raping the woman during interrogation.

Sources said that the accused confessed that he and accused Abid were present on the motorway for the purpose of robbery where they saw a car and did reiki of the car.

According to sources, Shafqat further said that on the night of the incident, when he saw the car parked on the side of the road, Abid first broke its glass. Both of them raped the woman.

It may be recalled that on September 10 that traces of blood were found at the scene of the incident from the motorway.

In a statement to the police, Shafqat confessed to attempting of rape a woman along with Abid a month ago, but both the accused fled when the police arrived.

According to sources, the accused Shafqat already has a criminal record and has been involved in robberies.

The sources further said that the DNA of the accused Shafqat was not present in the DNA bank but the DNA of Shafqat was immediately obtained by the police which matched.

According to sources, accused Shafqat has been involved in gang rape in the past but police did not have a record of the accused.

On the other hand, Abid, the main accused in Pakistan’s Most Wanted Man case, has not yet been caught by the law and a police search operation is underway to arrest him.

Earlier in the day, Waqar Al-Hassan, a self-proclaimed accused in a motorway rape case, made an important revelation while in custody.

Waqarul Hassan told police during interrogation that the main accused in the case, Abid, had been having an affair with a man named Shafqat for a long time. Shafqat is a resident of Bahawalnagar and a friend of Abid.

In addition, Abbas, the brother-in-law of Waqar ul Hassan, who presented his arrest to the police in the motorway abuse case, also made his arrest.

Sources said that Abbas handed himself over to the police in Sheikhupura.

Sources said that accused Waqar Al-Hassan had told the police during interrogation that his brother-in-law Abbas was using the SIM issued in his name.


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