No Significant Reduction in Car Prices Despite Huge Incentives in The Budget

The Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production has expressed its concerns over the insufficient reduction in prices of cars despite huge incentives availed by the car makers in budget 2021-22.

car pricesIt noted that despite the fact that the car manufacturers were given huge incentives in budget, it didn’t reduce the prices enough. The committee, chaired by Senator Faisal Sabzwari, was briefed by the Industries and Production Division secretary.

Addressing the concerns regarding the high prices of the car, the secretary informed the committee that due to the measures taken by the government in the federal budget car prices have come down. He further added that because of the government’s initiatives to create a competitive environment, the prices aren’t as high as they could have been.

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Moreover, he also informed the committee regarding the reduction in tax and duties on vehicles. The secretary added that duties on imported vehicles up to 1,000cc have also been slashed.

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