“No affiliation with France or French company” says continental biscuits

ISLAMABAD: LU Biscuit maker Continental Biscuits Limited has said in an explanatory statement that it has no affiliation with France or a French company.

A statement issued by the company said that it is a Pakistani company with which thousands of Pakistanis are employed.

The majority of the shareholders in the company are Pakistanis, the statement said. It was a French brand until fourteen years ago. Which was bought by a foreign company in 2007.

The company says it strongly condemns the blasphemous sketches in France.

It should be noted that after the blasphemous sketches in France, Arab countries have boycotted French products, while Pakistan is also being urged to boycott these products.

The campaign on social media said that Continental Biscuits Limited, a company that makes lu biscuits, belongs to France, so its products should be boycotted.


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