New social media rules to be implemented across Pakistan

Preparations have been made to implement new social media rules in Pakistan, under which social media companies will be banned from removing content against national security and defense and Islam, Defense of Pakistan, misinformation on public order, pornography will be banned.

According to details, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has prepared new online rules for the use of social media. The Prime Minister and the Federal Cabinet have approved the new social media rules.

Under the rules, false information on Islam, Defense of Pakistan, Public Order, pornographic material will be banned and social media companies will be banned from removing material against national security and defense, while materially based on religious hatred or blasphemy will also be banned.

Confirming the new social media rules, Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq said that the cabinet has approved the new social media rules. The federal cabinet approved the new rules on October 8. the committee of the Ministry of IT has approved all the rules.

The Federal Minister said that the Ministry of IT wanted to provide clean, healthy social media to the people and free social media from the elements that spread hatred and riots.

According to the rules, social media companies or service providers will create community guidelines. The guidelines will inform users about uploading content and will not upload any negative content related to another person.

The rules say that material that affects the privacy of others, religion, and anti-cultural and moral tendencies of Pakistan, all kinds of material that affect children on social media and material that mimics a person’s personality will be banned.

Under the new rules, anti-defense and anti-defense Pakistan content and social media will be banned from violent, hateful content, and companies including YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Google Plus will be bound by the rules.

The rules make it mandatory for social media companies with more than 500,000 subscribers to register with the PTA. After the implementation of the rules, social media companies will be required to set up offices within 9 months and companies will appoint focal persons for coordination within 3 months and also set up a database server in 18 months.

The new rules state that social media companies will provide liaison officers by appointing grievance officers on forums and create social media forums, service providers live streaming, online mechanisms, and also live streaming on extremism, terrorism, hate speech, pornography, and violence is strictly prohibited.

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