New Coronavirus Test Produces Result in Just 5 Minutes

New Coronavirus Test Produces Result in Just 5 Minutes

American Health care company Abbott receive acceptance by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  for a new device that detects COVID-19 in less than 5 minutes and give negative result in less than 15 minutes.However what makes this test fit is that we don’t have to go to lab for test. The device can easily be used outside hospital walls, urgent care clinics, or a physician’s office.Here we came to know that it uses Abbott’s new IDNOW diagnostic platform which is a lab in a box device and weighs about 3kg as well as really no bigger than a toaster.

Actually due to it’s small size and portability it can be used at many different places where it takes minutes to find the result.And  it would be very fruitful in current situation so that it results in multiplying the capacity of tests.

Abbott says that they’re ramping up production so that it is able to deliver 50,000 tests per day starting next week in the US. The company expects to produce at least 5 million tests in April.

There is no update of availability of this device internationally as there is no official announcement on that till now.


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