Nawaz Sharif’s physician release medical reports of Nawaz Sharif

Medical reports of Nawaz Sharif submitted to the court was obtained by ARY News. Nawaz Sharif, through his lawyer, sought exemption from attending the Islamabad High Court on medical grounds.

According to details, Nawaz Sharif sought exemption from attendance on medical grounds. He filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court through lawyer Khawaja Harris. He has taken a stand in the petition that he is unable to appear in court due to illness. Attached to the petition is Nawaz Sharif’s September 4 medical report.

This medical reports of Nawaz Sharif’s physician Dr. David R. Lawrence, in which it is said that Nawaz Sharif is suffering from hypertension, heart disease, and other diseases. He is suffering from advanced coronary artery disease, despite medical therapy Nawaz Sharif is suffering from class two angina.

The report suggests that the patient should undergo coronary angiography, while the rest of the reports related to angiography are yet to come. Also, Nawaz Sharif may need radio-coronary artery bypass grafting.

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