Muhammad Zubair Audio msg about IG Sindh leaked

Talking to media outside Aziz Bhatti police station, Maryam Nawaz’s spokesperson Muhammad Zubair said that he had talked to Sindh Chief Minister. He said that the Sindh government had no hand in the arrest of Captain Safdar. That there was intense pressure on the police to arrest Captain Safdar.

Muhammad Zubair said that I am a former governor and I was not allowed inside the police station. Even the lawyers were not allowed inside the police station, nor were they allowed to meet.

He said that Captain (retd) Safdar was arrested by breaking the door and Maryam Nawaz was also present in the room where the door was broken.

The former governor of Sindh said that what was the fear, did Safdar have to flee from there. If he had to be arrested, it could have been done easily. They are so scared of an unarmed woman that he was arrested by breaking the door of the hotel room. This is state terrorism.

He also said that pressure was put on Sindh police. We will inform the nation about the facts of what is happening in the country. This sting operation was carried out by the state. The operation was carried out by putting pressure on the police so that the blame can be put on the Sindh Government.

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