MPA’s sister makes TikTok video in Sindh Assembly

PTI Assemblymember Dua Bhutto’s sister made a tik tok video in Sindh Assembly.

According to the report of ARY News, the fever of tick talk has reached Sindh Assembly. The sister of Dua Bhutto, a female member of PTI Sindh Assembly, made a video on tick talk and posted it on social media.

Iqra Bhutto’s video made in Sindh Assembly went viral on social media after which Assemblymember Dua Bhutto had to apologize.

Assembly member Dua Bhutto said that the sister had made the video in the lobby and not in the hall, she should not have made the video sitting on the chair of the Sindh Assembly.

In the video, Iqra Bhutto can be seen dubbing a well-known song from the Indian film industry, which says, “If you haven’t seen me with love, I’ll leave you and go to the city.”

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