Model Alyzeh Gabol tested positive for Corona

Actress and model Alyzeh Gabol from the Pakistani fashion industry also fell victim to the global epidemic Corona.

Model Alyzeh Gabol confirmed in a tweet a few days ago that she was infected with the corona virus and said that her covid-19 test result was positive.

“At first I had a high fever but now I have very few symptoms of the corona virus while I have quarantined myself at home,” said Alyzeh Gabol.

It is believed that the global epidemic Corona virus has so far affected many actors and actresses, including Nida Yasir, Rubina Ashraf, Alize Shah and other personalities.

Corona virus cases are once again on the rise in Pakistan and so far more than 318,000 people have been infected with the virus, while the number of deaths from corona has exceeded 6,000.

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