Mike Tyson returns to the ring after 15 years

Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson returned to the ring 15 years later.

Two legends competed in an exhibition fight in Los Angeles, USA. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. punched each other.

Tyson, who came into the ring 15 years later, took a 9-10 lead in the first two rounds, but Jones won the third round 9-10.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Tyson dominated again and both rounds were in favor of Tyson 9-10, but from the sixth round, Roy’s weight remained heavy and he took the lead by 9-10 points in three consecutive rounds and thus the fight was drawn.

The total score in the 8 round fight was 76-76 points.

After the fight, Tyson said that the draw is a good result, while Jones Jr. said that he is never satisfied with the draw, but Tyson is strong and he suffered from every punch.

Mike Tyson, a 54-year-old American boxer, fought professional fights from 1985 to 2005 and became the youngest heavyweight champion in history in 1986 at the age of 20, defeating then-heavyweight champion Trevor Barbeck.


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