Leopard came to street in Islamabad

The leopard came to the road from the forest of Margalla in Pirsohawa , Islamabad.

The leopard came out of the Margalla forest near Daman Koh on the road.

Citizens traveling from Daman Koh to the federal capital Islamabad have made a video of the leopard and uploaded on social media.

According to the locals , a leopard seen near the Margalla forest in Daman Koh , the leopard sometimes play on the road during night , the wildlife has warned citizens to take care at night and avoid going there because sometimes at night leopard come to the road from forest and go back. Some of the people in comments section reported that the leopard often do attack you if you try to push it into forest.

According to the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, the leopard seen in the video belongs to Margalla Hills National Park.

According to news , the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board says that the leopard comes out at night and also comes on the road and go back.

Leopard came to street in Islamabad




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