Khairpur a boat of flood victims capsized; 2 children killed

Khairpur: 18 people drowned when a boat of flood victims capsized in Pir Goth Kacha area.

According to police, residents of Moor Jhabbar village were evacuated due to floods when their boat sank in Kacha area.

Police officials say the boat crashed due to overcrowding, with 18 people on board, including women and children.

In the viral video of the sinking of the boat on social media, it can be seen that some people jumped before the sinking of the boat but then the whole boat sank.

According to police, divers have launched a rescue operation, the bodies of two children have been recovered while 10 have been rescued alive, while the search for others is underway.

The bodies have been identified as 10-year-old Laila and 10-year-old Saidu Sheikh.


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