Kashmore incident: Reward announced for police officer’s daughter.

KARACHI: The Sindh government has announced a reward of Rs 1 million for the daughter of a police officer who helped in the arrest of an accused of rape in Kashmore and said that they would approach the federal government for a civil award for bravery.

According to details, Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab while giving a press conference on the Kashmore incident said that the barbaric incident that took place in Kashmore, this brutality deserves condemnation.

Murtaza Wahab said that ASI Muhammad Bakhsh posted in Kashmore took action. I have no words to pay tribute to the brave police officer. Without understanding, this barbaric act could not have been alerted.

A spokesman for the Sindh government said that the victim reached to Muhammad Bakhsh, the police officer understood the woman’s plight and shifted her to his house and asked his daughter to help the woman. The police officer’s daughter spoke to the group, and after talking, drove the group out of their place to the park.

He said that as soon as the group came to light, Kashmore police took action and after the operation, Kashmir police arrested Rafiq.

Murtaza Wahab while announcing a prize of Rs 1 million to the brave daughter of a brave officer of Kashmore said that he is grateful for the bravery shown by the brave daughter and will approach the federal government for a civil award for bravery. Muhammad Bakhsh’s daughter wants to get higher education. If so, we will bear the cost.

The spokesperson said that the arrested accused has confessed to the crime, he and his gang have committed a barbaric act, the court is requested to pursue these cases on urgent basis and such accused should be punished severely.


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