Karachi welcomes new year with severe cold, continental winds

The minimum temperature in recent days is about 8-10 centigrade and maximum temperature is about 20-22 centigrade. Severe cold winds gripped the metropolis during the first week of 2020.These winds are considered to be the coldest and severe in the decade. And turns the weather more chilly weather in city of Southern port.

The Pakistan Metrological Department PMD recorded a minimum temperature of 9 centigrade here in Karachi in last 48 hours. While in evening at about 1 pm the temperature is 14 centigrade but it feels like 11 centigrade due to northeastern winds that blew through the whole city.

The temperature in the whole country dropped to a very low level due to North Eastern winds from Siberia. The PMD predicts that the temperature would drop more in the coming week and pushes a minimum of 7-8 centigrade. It is also advised to take precautionary measures to protect yourself from cold winds.

It is not likely to be the lowest temperature in Karachi because in 1934 the lowest temperature in Karachi is 0 centigrade.


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