Jemima denied rumors about birth of daughter.

News was circulating about the British film producer and Imran Khan’s ex-wife that a little girl is ready to arrive.

She has denied all such reports in her recent social media message.


In her Twitter message, Jemima denied all such rumors and wrote that “Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima is not given birth to  a daughter.”

In response to this tweet, a user wrote, “I keep forgetting your name is Imran Khan’s ex-wife.’, to which Jemima laughed.”

Keep in mind that many years have passed since Jemima left Pakistan but Pakistanis are remembering her.

Jemima herself seems to be sharing tweets about Pakistanis.

She has also recently announced a film based on the theme of a Pakistani girl.

Jemima Goldsmith was looking for a London-based Pakistani who knows how to sew clothes for her new film.


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