Iqrar Ul Hassan life is in danger

Iqrar Ul Hassan has appealed to the nation in a video statement last night that his life and that of his team are in danger.

In 2017, Iqrar Ul Hassan and his Sar e Aam team exposed fake DSP and their accomplices who kidnapped people for ransom. The fake DSP also killed some of the abducted slaves whose footage was available.

But there is Pakistan, influential people do not stay in jail for long. Despite all the evidence, this group has been released from the High Court.

Now that group is constantly harassing the members of the team. They went to the house of a team member but he ran away from there.

Social media users have shown solidarity with Iqrar Ul Hassan and appealed national security and law enforcement agencies to protect Iqrar & his team and arrest the responsible that threaten his life.

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