Iqrar Ul Hassan calls out PIA and other airlines

Iqrar Ul Hassan lashes out at PIA and other airlines

Anchor Syed Iqrar ul Hassan calls out PIA and other airlines. He says that these airlines are doing death business. He said yesterday it was Junaid Jamshed and other passengers, tomorrow will be some other like Iqrar ul Hassan.

He said why every time these airlines save their faces by hiding the truth and not fixing the planes. He said now the news are arising that the engineering department had given a lot written applications about the malfunctioning of the plane but still it was operational.

Iqrar Ul Hassan calls out  PIA and other airlines

He said everytime we keep quiet and these airlines CEOs and Heads get a safe passage. He said that if we will give them sentence only then these incidents will be stopped in future otherwise nothing can be changed. He said no other smaller or bigger airline has accidents rates in the world in their flying history but it is only PIA that has a lot of accidents in past 15 years .

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