Inside story of 5 Crore Dollar Chilgozay Smuggling

The FBR has uncovered a massive scandal involving millions of dollars in anonymous accounts under the guise of exporting pine nuts. A large amount of exported goods was transferred by Hasnain Exports to secret external accounts.

According to Hasnain Exports, the remaining amount was not disclosed as per the records of SBP and other banks. When the FBR contacted the owner of the company, an anonymous account was revealed, on behalf of the company’s civil proprietor Sultan Mahmood. Ignorance of the business of exporting pine nuts has been expressed.

Sultan Mehmood, the owner of the anonymous account revealed by the FBR, has been working in the business for 20 years but still lives in a two-story house, which shows that through anonymous accounts He is not involved in money transfers.

The FBR’s anonymous Zone Two has prepared a reference of the relevant anonymous account and forwarded it to the Adjudication Authority on August 6, and the FBR took preliminary action to find fault with the original owners of the company and seize the agricultural land in Lahore. However, further investigation is underway by the FBR

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