Imam for enhancing cooperation with Korea to produce virus free seeds

Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam on Wednesday said that agriculture cooperation with Korea would be strengthen to promote aeroponic technique for producing virus free seed of potatoes, chilies and other crops to enhance per-acre output of vegetable and other crops in the country.

Addressing a ceremony held at National Agriculture Research Center, Imam said that under Korea Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA), Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) will jointly develop locally customised technologies and serve as a hub for sharing agricultural technologies and knowledge between the two countries.

The minister also visited KOPIA Pakistan center in National Agriculture Research Center (NARC), the Ambassador of Republic of Koria were also presented.

The minister said that bilateral collaboration will contribute to increase farmers’ income and developing Pakistan’s agricultural industry.

The minister also welcomed Korea’s investment of $700,000 in the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan through KOPIA and said that under the initiative technologies will be imported and customised to the local environments.

He said this initiative would help promoting local agriculture sector on modern lines and helping in enhancing per-acre crop output.

Fakhar appreciated the support of the Republic of Korea in transferring the technology for small scale farming machinery and vegetable seed production system to Pakistan, he said adding that the introduction of aeroponic technology for potato seed production, post-harvest management technology in chili crop in addition with introduction of rye grass as a high yielding fodder will enhance overall production.

He hoped for further enhancing the volume and quality of trade-able agricultural products between the two countries and assured full support for further cooperation by the government of Pakistan. Both countries agreed to expand the cooperation in the field of machinery and vegetable seed production. The minister said that technical cooperation project would help bringing self-sufficiency in virus free potato seed multiplication by aeroponic technique, adding that it is a modern technique for growing agricultural plants by providing a nutrient solution in the air without soil, as plant roots receive a nutrient spray mist from an atomizing nozzle under soil less culture.

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