IHC Orders to move all animals from Islamabad Zoo to safe places in 6 days

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has issued a written order to move all the animals kept in the Murghzar Zoo to safer places within 6 days.

According to News reports, the Islamabad High Court issued a 67-page detailed judgment on the plight of the Murghzar Zoo, written by Chief Justice Athar Minallah.

The court ordered the relocation of all animals, including the Kavaan elephant from the zoo, to shelters or safer place.

After the court order, the Kavaan elephant was finally released after 36 years.

It is written in the judgment that good treatment of animals has been commanded in the Holy Hadith.

The lives of the animals of the zoo including the elephant should be made safe as the condition of the zoo is very worrying and dangerous.

The decision said that thanks to Covid 19, human beings have become helpless, while giving the decision of the zoo, it was said that the control of zoo was given to the Ministry of Climate Change and provided an opportunity to improve performance, but it was availed.

The court ruled that the government should form a board headed by the chairman, Wildlife Management, to take over the management of the zoo and complete the relocation of all the animals to the sanctuary within six days.

No animals would be placed in the zoo without having an inspection done by international agencies for inspection. The court issued written verdict and adjourned the case till June 21.


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