I feel Unsafe in my own country: Ayesha Omar

Actress Ayesha Omar has said that she feels safe if she goes out of the house even at one o’clock in the night abroad, but this is not the case in her own country.

Ayesha Omar’s statement came after a TV statement by Omar Sheikh, a Punjab police officer and CCPO Lahore, in which he targeted and  Blamed a woman who was raped on the motorway at Gujjarpura.

The Lahore CCPO said the woman should not have left the house alone with her three children at 3 pm and even if she did, she should not have chosen to travel on the motorway.

Following this statement, he is being subjected to severe criticism from all quarters.

Actress Ayesha Omar also wrote in a tweet that “What happens when a woman has to leave home at night in an emergency. What happens when her family needs emergency medical help?”


Ayesha Omar wrote that in any part of the world, she considers herself safe on the streets at one o’clock , but she is unsafe only in her own country, even in her car.


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