How did Sheikh Rasheed infected with COVID-19?

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that there is no resilience in the opposition. After Eid, I am not seeing the All Parties Conference (APC) but Muharram.

Speaking on ARY News’s program ‘Ehtraaz Yeh Hai’, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed said that they would work together to amend the NAB rules and this would include our party but I am not in favor of amending the NAB rules.

Sheikh Rasheed said that Shahbaz Sharif is a man of my party. He will not run the movement, as long as Sharif is alive, no one can run the PML-N. If December comes, any movement against the government will be useless, after December, the new Preparations for the elections will begin, there will be some fool who will launch a movement to overthrow the government after December.

The Federal Minister said that nothing can spoil the mafia in the country. There are three sugar mill owners in our government too. There is sugar mafia in every government. NAB can also call the government on the flour sugar crisis.

Railway Minister said that we harmed Imran Khan instead of benefiting him. The only virtue of this government is Imran Khan in it. There is no one in the cabinet except Imran Khan.

Referring to corona, Sheikh Rasheed said, “When my brother had corona, I thought I should undergo the test too. During corona, I saw death from close. The pandemic bothered me a lot. I am still worried. I wrote a book during my illness while missed my mother a lot during his illness.”

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