How Abid was trapped and arrested , Story

What trap was set to catch accused Abid?

According to reports, the police has set up a trap to arrest Abid and provided his wife with a phone number, which she used to contact culprit Abid.

According to sources, Abid called his wife on the same phone and told her that he would come to Faisalabad, after which his wife was taken to Faisalabad.

How Abid was trapped and arrested , Story

Sources said that the police took his wife to Faisalabad and spread a net of personnel , wearing simple clothes and as soon as the accused reached for a meeting, he was strategically arrested without any resistance.

Police and law enforcement agencies raided Abid four times before to arrest him, but he managed to escape.

On September 9, the culprit with another accused raped a women on lahore motorway and fled .

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