France: Teacher beheaded for showing blasphemous sketches in class

In France, a teacher who showed blasphemous sketches in a classroom was beheaded.

The incident took place outside a school in the northwest of the French capital, Paris, at 5pm on Friday, when a young man with a knife beheaded a history teacher.

According to reports, the slain teacher had shown blasphemous sketches in the classroom and also had a discussion on it.

Police has arrested the young  boy  carrying the gun and  knife  and several people in connection Terrorism French prosecutor said.

On the other hand, judicial sources were quoted as saying that the 18-year-old youth carrying the knife belonged to Chechnya.

The beheaded 47-year-old teacher was identified as Samuel Petty, but the Chechen young boy was not identified, officials said.

French President Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, called the incident a terrorist act and visited the school with the prime minister a few hours later.

It is believed that the controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo had once again published insulting sketches.

The insulting sketches published by the magazine are the same ones in response to which the magazine was attacked on January 7, 2015.


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